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During the last visit of 10 Days to Cayapas River our wonderful Odontologist Team attended 300 patients, 250 of those children.

This time all communities we visited were Chachis. They attended in Sabalito, Arenal, Correinte Grande, Calle Mansa, Agua Blanca and Tigre.

Our Team helped the kids to undestand the importance to keep their teeth in good health in order to avoid more serious sicknesses.

The doctors describe the experience as POWERFUL (INTENSA)

I lusión (Excitement)

N iños (Children)

T rabajo (Work)

E speranza (Hope)

N ecesidad (Need)

S elva (Jungle)

A yuda (Help)

Because we have inside POWER whithin us in every visit and we never forget the intense canoa trips 🙂