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The October 2015 Team is almost ready and excited to get to the Cayapas River. In less than two weeks, October 3rd is the date they will be traveling.

The itinerary to arrive to San Miguel is long and tired but the excitement to arriving helps not to feel the tiriness and lack of sleep.

Everything starts in Madrid, where the team will meet. This time we have people from Toulouse, La Palma, Salamanca, Málaga y Madrid.

Madrid-Quito, Quito-Otavalo, Otavalo-Borbón, Borbón-(and finally)San Miguel.  San Miguel is the base camp where the team will sleep and have the Central Pharmacy. From there they will leave every day to attend all the river’s communities.

We are also very proud to announce we’ve got a new agreement with Farmaceuticos Sin Fronteras and we have two pharmacist in our team. We are very excited with this new recruitment!

Of course we don’t want to forget our friends at Farmamundi whom always support us with medication.

To all Organizations, Partners and  Volunteers THANK YOU to make this happen once again.

Our dream continues 🙂