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Last night the team was taking rest in Otavalo. Today they started traveling towards Borbón where they will jump into the canoe to “sail up” to the river and start the medical visits. So, meanwhile they are on the canoe here we want to introduce you to the “crew” of the year.


Luz García Mingo, 27 years old, from Madrid. She is the only no medical member this year and she takes care of sanitary. She works on purifying and reuse of residual water. On her Side B she is a swing dancer amateur


Paloma Benito, 48 years old. Nurse from Salamanca. She’ve been always with the UVI except for 7 years that she worked for 112. She collaborates with Friends of Cayapas from some years now. “I was in the river two years ago and I am coming back with much excitement”


Patricia Martínez Pérez, 31 years old. Nurse and Doctor (Family R2 ). “I was in Nicaragua some years ago helping out with an NGO and I want to do it again”



Margot Horcajadas, 23 years old. From Toulouse (France). Nurse from July 2015. “The Humanitarian Aid is a Project I am very interested so, I am looking forward to this trip in Ecuador”

Maria G

María González Esteban, Special Services Nurse in Madrid. From Salamanca. It is the first time she goes to the Americas and she is happy it is for a experience like this one. Girl Scout that loves photography “The camera is my eyes so I don’t forget”

Santiago (2)

Santiago Ramos, 36 years old. Pharmacist from La Palma, in Canary Islands. He loves music, jazz specifically, he is a mountain runner and a swimmer. He will enjoy the river!


Alvaro Veiga Vaz, 25 years old. Galician living in Salamanca. R2 in Hematology. A happy men.


Anne Brazeilles, 38 years old. From Toulouse (France). She has two children and travelled all around South America with the family for a year. She was so in love with the culture and the people that “this proyect allows me to expand my professional and personal experiences in this part of the world”.


Carmen Gámez, 25 years old. Pharmacist in Málaga. “I did before some voluntary work but this is the first time I am helping with International Cooperation. So, I am thrill to see how the experience is”

Jose Angel

José Ángel Martín Oterino, better known as our loved “Ote”. 51 years old, Internist Doctor in Salamanca. He is part of Friends of Cayapas Crew from the beggining as Treasurer. As he says: “Till the end with Cayapas!”

Maria Cerro

María Cerro, Endocrinologst Doctor in Salamanca. From Extremadura. Lively and adventure spirit she will turn 32 years old in the Cayapas, celebrating life…”In evey momento I find amazing people and unforgetable places. I am sure in the Cayapas will be the same. Looking forward to it!”



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The October 2015 Team is almost ready and excited to get to the Cayapas River. In less than two weeks, October 3rd is the date they will be traveling.

The itinerary to arrive to San Miguel is long and tired but the excitement to arriving helps not to feel the tiriness and lack of sleep.

Everything starts in Madrid, where the team will meet. This time we have people from Toulouse, La Palma, Salamanca, Málaga y Madrid.

Madrid-Quito, Quito-Otavalo, Otavalo-Borbón, Borbón-(and finally)San Miguel.  San Miguel is the base camp where the team will sleep and have the Central Pharmacy. From there they will leave every day to attend all the river’s communities.

We are also very proud to announce we’ve got a new agreement with Farmaceuticos Sin Fronteras and we have two pharmacist in our team. We are very excited with this new recruitment!

Of course we don’t want to forget our friends at Farmamundi whom always support us with medication.

To all Organizations, Partners and  Volunteers THANK YOU to make this happen once again.

Our dream continues 🙂




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On November 8th 2015 will take place the 2015 AAC-CPK Annual Convention for volunteers and collaborative partners.

We will be prevising more details soon. Meanwhile Book the date!!



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During the last visit of 10 Days to Cayapas River our wonderful Odontologist Team attended 300 patients, 250 of those children.

This time all communities we visited were Chachis. They attended in Sabalito, Arenal, Correinte Grande, Calle Mansa, Agua Blanca and Tigre.

Our Team helped the kids to undestand the importance to keep their teeth in good health in order to avoid more serious sicknesses.

The doctors describe the experience as POWERFUL (INTENSA)

I lusión (Excitement)

N iños (Children)

T rabajo (Work)

E speranza (Hope)

N ecesidad (Need)

S elva (Jungle)

A yuda (Help)

Because we have inside POWER whithin us in every visit and we never forget the intense canoa trips 🙂



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We are very lucky to have the art. The art is support us in this beloved project.

As well as the photo exhibit in London, TOMORROW Jun 1st the Theater Stabile di Barcelona will be showing the Play “Il baldo valzer delle belle” to collect funds for our project in Cayapas River.

The funds will support the pharmacy and next visit to Cayapas River in October 2015.

Thank so much to the art for all gifts that help us to contiue working for Chachis Comminities at Cayapas River.




We have everything ready in London!!

During June 2015, Falla and Mocaer, the known coffee shop near the famous Camden Market in London will have a photo exhibition on our work in the Cayapas River.

The sale of each photo will be used for financing the pharmacy and the next Cayapas Medical Trip on October 2015.

Thank you to Pilar Nieto and Jorge Pozuelo to be our “partners in crime” and Maruxa Ruiz Del Arbol for being such a great professional. Your pictures will have London soul.




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¡¡Nos sentimos Imparables!!

Con las energías renovadas que nos da una nueva salida hemos recibido la grata noticia de que nuestro proyecto es finalista en la II Edición de los Premios DKV Medicina y Solidaridad.

Y, la verdad, es para nosotros un gran reconocimiento estar al lado de otros proyectos solidarios. Proyectos que nos hablan de la solidaridad del mundo y nos llena de alegría.

¡¡Muchas gracias por esta oportunidad DKV Seguros!! ‪#‎soyamigodelcayapas‬ ‪#‎premiosdkvmedicinaysolidaridad‬



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El Equipo de Abril 2015 ya esta de regreso en sus casas y con el corazón lleno de nuevas experiencias que no hacen sino hacernos sentir orgullosos de nuestro trabajo.

Eva Hernandez, Vicepresidente Asociación Cayapa Pi Chulla Kumani, nos comparte estas palabras tras su vuelta a España: “Una salida más en el mes de abril 2015, un gran grupo de personas y profesionales, que han hecho una gran experiencia llena de alegrías y amor que será inolvidable… Una selva y río Cayapas que me siguen emocionando cada vez que estoy allí y que extraño a cada instante… Un equipo de contraparte (Luchito, Ramiro, Demetrio, Angel, Chato, Doña Susi..) que no tengo palabras para expresar su apoyo, su cariño que nos brindan y su pasión en el trabajo que hacen… una población Chachi que nos sigue sorprendiendo en cada instante y nos orgullece trabajar con y para ellos… Un pueblo de San Miguel que nos acoge como parte de su comunidad como uno más… La familia de Green Hause Araque que nos hacen sentir como parte de su familia… Un Sultan que es más que nuestro guardián… Por todo ello y por todos los detalles que me dejo… INFINITAS GRACIAS!!!!!!!!!!!!”



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Gracias públicamente a todos los que han participado en los pequeños y en los grandes gestos para que el equipo de abril se encuentre ahora mismo en una canoa, rumbo a San Miguel del Cayapas…a los que participan manteniendo activas las redes sociales, a los que desgranan la base de datos para llevarla en soporte informático, los que coordinan la salida, los que gestionan los contactos, los que organizan la farmacia, los que ponen toda su ilusión, y los que están todo el año manteniendo la salud en este rincón del mundo, GRACIAS A TODOS Y  ¡buena suerte equipo!.




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